Thursday, May 15, 2008

Digging, Planting & Enjoying Spring

I've done lots of digging, weed pulling and planting of flowers this week. Today I planted some at work. They were looking for volunteers to beautify our building so I got to enjoy a couple of hours outside for a change. It made me wish I could get my internet and workstation connection out on the patio. Utah's beautiful spring weather does not last long enough- we seem to go from cold to hot with very little moderate in between, so enjoy each day while it's here!

I bought some replacements for the broken bushes (Wisteria and Trumpet Vine) and I got my lilac bush and forsythia - spring must-haves that I had at my previous homes were noticeably missing at this house.

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  1. Oh, two more businesses not open on Sunday are Hobby Lobby and Mardel (I don't think you guys have Mardel out there -- both are owned by Mart Green.) Please tell Aubrey that her blog never lets me leave comments but I always read it!


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