Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Frustrated with Barnes and Noble

I do lots of online shopping and I love it. Usually things go smoothly. But this year I purchased a book for my mom for Mother's Day on April 23 and the purchase was verified to be delivered in 3-5 business days. Even though there's a Barnes and Noble near my home, I decided to save myself some trouble and have it sent to me (also avoid some temptation in the store). Well, it didn't come and I waited too long to find out why - was too trusting that it would come as promised. Turns out it had not been shipped at all. So much for planning ahead. Kind of a long story but I am not happy with them since they had confirmed by email that it would arrive and did not tell me of the delay and offered no compensation for the trouble.

Then I ordered a couple of books from and it turned out they were not sent either and my money was refunded because the seller could not ship. They gave explanation that ebay requires they reveal their sources and the seller could not do that. I think I'll stick with Amazon until they disappoint me too!

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  1. You should add Chick-fil-A to your list of businesses that do not open on Sundays.


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