Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Church Backs California Marriage Measure

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If all Christians, Jews and other religious sects who value traditional marriage as ordained of God would join together, rather than fighting amongst themselves; if they would all work for good rather than wasting time and energy attempting to define what other Christians are and believe such as refuting LDS as Christians, etc. there would be much power in the numbers and good would prevail over evil. There really are eternal truths; right and wrong. It's not just "do whatever feels good.This doesn't mean religionists can't differ in beliefs but on basic values, they must pull together.

If each denomination would make a statement such as this and all members would take action, vote, petition, etc. there still is a chance to protect the sanctity of marriage and the rights of churches to function according to belief. The phrase, "divide and conquer" definitely applies when it comes to the adversary getting Christians to fight rather than unite for the common good. " A good commentary on this is in C.S. Lewis' book, The Screwtape Letters.

Right now they say this is a civil matter of recognition, but they know full well that it's only a matter of time before they inflict their "equality" on to churches and use government arm-twisting such as compromised tax-exempt status to make them accept what society has deemed to be right. Think this won't affect you as a religious person? It has already happened for many. If you want to read how this is playing out currently, check this site.

When one wants to do wrong, what better protection does he have than to get society to change the rules to sanction his actions? If as a society we choose to accept other wrongs, the wrong-doers can be relieved of guilty conscience - wrong becomes "right" in the eyes of the world.

OFFENSIVE AD: Heinz is marketing mayo and mustard in England with an ad featuring a homosexual couple, including kissing. Now you tell me, why would this be relevant for selling condiments? Obviously they are selling something else. I find it offensive. If you want to actually see the ad which is sure to reach the U.S. eventually (sans the accents) you can see the ad at AFA (cut and paste).

If you are interested in reading about the U.S. Religious Landscape Survey, go here: There are some interesting statistics about various religious denominations on a wide variety of subjects. The left sidebar will take you to this particular topic of gay marriage.

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