Thursday, June 26, 2008

Planned Obsolescence?

I've had it with used appliances! My second replacement washer broke! I realize things just don't last like they used to but this is crazy. My old pair worked for many years before I felt the need to replace them. After the rip-off artist sold me an old one he passed off as five years old (he absconded with my money) I bought another that actually was five years old and then it suddenly quit. My laundry room is tiny, making it very hard to manipulate these machines to say nothing of the wasted money! From here on out when it comes to washers and dryers, I'm buying new. It seemed to make sense because my experience in the past suggests that they have a long life, but alas, another expensive lesson learned. Back to the Scratch and Dent department at RC Willey I guess.

On a positive note, Ken has been working hard painting the swingset that the grandkids love. He is also working on the deck and my place is looking pretty darn spiffy! Steve brought a tetherball pole his dad made for him as a kid. I bought a tetherball and the kids have been enjoying that - brings back memories. I had always been jealous that my cousin Kathy had a tetherball.

Ken says I have a good thing going with two men fussing over me like this - I'm getting all kinds of things done without the responsibilities of being married to either of them. Actually, I was pretty darn responsible for many years and waited a while to get this kind of attention. It's not bad!

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  1. I say work those two guys for as long as you can!! Fun to have them both right at your feet! :) you deserve it.


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