Monday, June 23, 2008


So, I was quick to order the converter box coupons from the government for the 2009 changeover to digital TV. I got the coupons before they were in the stores, then I set out on the search. After trying several stores, only to find they were sold out, my coupon expired. I am so frustrated about this. One night I even waited in Walmart for an hour and a half till they would be getting their night stock out to see if there was a box on the pallette - no luck. I finally found a store that had them one day after they expired!!! Apparently they will not replace coupons and I can't get a real person to answer the phone, there is no email address for problems and the best I can do is the FAQ section which doesn't address this particular concern. So, if someone out there doesn't need a coupon and wants to order a couple for me, I would be very grateful since I don't intend to buy a new TV in the near future. If you have cable or just new TVs you probably don't even need a box. Not sure if you can even get the coupons now but the website is accessible from my post title - just click. Thanks


  1. Boy ... we haven't even thought of getting one of these coupons yet. I guess we better get on the ball here. Sorry about your trouble. Totally sounds like something that would happen to me.



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