Monday, June 23, 2008


They're growing!I had a good time this weekend and I danced until I dropped! I definitely need to do this more often. I attended two sessions of dance instruction and two dances for a total of 7 1/2 hours dancing. I was in much better shape last summer. I did learn a new easy line dance I had never done (Regae cowboy), got a little better at the cowboy waltz and we learned some new cha-cha moves too.

The rest of the conference was outstanding. I attended sessions on preparedness (of physical home and finances) which were good reminders. The theme of the conference was "Prepare Every Needful Thing." I enjoyed church meetings on Sunday as well as a fireside. Now it's back to work, ready or not and both my secretary and the other nurse are off for two days so I'm doing solo. The financial session reminded me of how I wish I were ready for retirement (early) - I'll probably have to work to age 70 and there's so much more I'd rather do....

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