Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all who are, who wish to be, who act as....

The father of our country ~ my favorite Friberg.... Prayer at Valley Forge
This is a fun web presentation style (and it features the art of Arnold Friberg along with some nice hymns as background, beginning with my favorite one, Be Still My Soul). Click on this blog title, Sunday to see it and don't forget to put on the white gloves as any art/museum curator will tell you. The Apple Frame Gallery on Main Street in Bountiful is also having a show of his art June 6 to 27 (evenings from 6-8 pm).

Other Sunday thoughts.... This verse says it well.
First verse of Mayberry by Rascal Flatts

Sometimes it feels like this world is spinning faster
Than it did in the old days
So naturally we have more natural disasters
From the strain of a fast pace
Sunday was the day of rest
Now it's one more day for progress
And we can't slow down, cause more is best
It's all an endless process
I also like Craig Morgan's, That's What I Love About Sunday.

Raymond's in his Sunday best,
He's usually up to his chest in oil an' grease.
There's the Martin's walkin' in,
With that mean little freckle-faced kid,
Who broke a window last week.
Sweet Miss Betty likes to sing off key in the pew behind me.

That's what I love about Sunday:
Sing along as the choir sways;
Every verse of Amazin' Grace,
An' then we shake the Preacher's hand.
Go home, into your blue jeans;
Have some chicken an' some baked beans.
Pick a back yard football team,
Not do much of anything:
That's what I love about Sunday.

I stroll to the end of the drive,
Pick up the Sunday Times, grab my coffee cup.
It looks like Sally an' Ron, finally tied the knot,
Well, it's about time.
It's 35 cents off a ground round,
Baby. cut that coupon out!

That's what I love about Sunday:
Cat-napping on the porch swing;
You curled up next to me,
The smell of jasmine wakes us up.
Take a walk down a back road,
Tackle box and a cane pole;
Carve our names in that white oak,
An' steal a kiss as the sun fades,
That's what I love about Sunday,
Oh, yeah.

Ooh, new believers gettin' baptized,
Momma's hands raised up high,
Havin' a Hallelujah good time
A smile on everybody's face.
That's what I love about Sunday,
Oh, yeah.

That's what I love about Sunday,
Oh, yeah.

You gotta love country music....

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