Monday, June 16, 2008

Temple Square

Looking for cheap, inspirational activity in SLC (Staycation)? Gas prices may prevent travel but if this is close to home, good entertainment. Some cool photos and descriptions here or click title of post Temple Square:,1721,500006473,00.html?linkTrack=Email%2DLDS

More wallet-friendly sights:,1721,500006487,00.html?linkTrack=Email%2DLDS

With 3 to 5 million visitors per year, it seems a logical choice for an inexpensive mini-vacation while saving on gas. And it's almost all free - no entrance fees at all. The Family History Library itself is worth seeing and millions of people have found treasures there in the form of published materials about their ancestors, free assistance in searching, experienced and knowledgable librarians specializing in various areas of the world.... Free is good.

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