Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Education Week 08

It's that time again. Planning to attend Campus Education Week at BYU. This has been a tradition for me for hmmmm, when did I start? In the early 90s (???). My journal-keeping is not consistent so I'm not sure I could find out exactly. Anyway, I missed in 1995 (the year we had three weddings and a move that summer) but other than that I have probably made it annually for about 15 years. It's my idea of a vacation, or you might say "staycation" - the catchword for the year of the gas-dragon. Some people think it odd to spend my rare vacation days this way but if you've ever gone, you understand why.

This post title will link you to the website for early online registration and discount fees through August 15th if you want to come.

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