Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Seriously Funny Blog!

You'll get a kick out of this 20-something LDS, married woman - member of generation X who has written a hilarious spoof blog satiring the young-ish mom we frequently encounter here in Utah. Jenn's friend Tiffany in Texas assures her they are everywhere - getting their "enhancements" (isn't this one of the good reasons for debt the Prophet mentioned?), tanning and spa-ing. She wouldn't have to be LDS though this gives her more fodder for her humor. I loved it! Of course you have to have a sense of humor to appreciate the intentional mispellings and lingo. From Mormon Times:
She is Tiffany/Amber/Megan/Nicole (TAMN), and she's a composite character — some might call her a stereotype. She's the voice behind "Seriously, so blessed!" — a satirical blog that is so true to form, you might not catch that all those exclamation points are meant to be ironic.... TAMN and her husband, Jordan/Jason/Wes/Taylor, have a fairy-tale romance. They live in a condo/townhouse/mini-mansion while JJWT attends law/dental/business/medical school -- take your pick.
Her wry sense of humor reminds me of Jenn's writing in high school. Some people just don't "get it." But, I think it's hilarious. Click on this post title for a link or type

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  1. Seriously, so funny! The best thing about it is the subtleties, like completely misunderstood rules of punctuation. Not like the kind where people just disregard the existence of punctuation. Actual consistently wrong use.

    Also the references to her then-fiance's "pest control/security systems money" (how many guys have I known who did that for a while?), or the fact that she's always talking about taking breaks from her crazy life without ever realizing that the breaks are her entire life.

    Thanks for sharing! I'm hooked!


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