Friday, July 25, 2008

Errata & Comic

My mom shared this funny comic and straightened me out on some details from yesterday's post. (I don't know the original source but the artist has signed it anyway). The good thing about a blog is that people actually read the stuff you write and think you know so it can be copy edited, easily changed and preserved all at the same time. Without a blog I daresay nobody would take the time to read my written thoughts. As it is, they can glance over it and ignore it if they don't want to read it, study and even comment if they do. This is great! The error has been corrected, BTW.

This made me think about the need for people to write these memories before they are lost forever. The longer we wait to record them, the more likely it is that details are forgotten or remembered incorrectly. I'm starting to record some of mine in a regular file on my computer and I challenge everyone to do it is SOME format. Electronic does leave you vulnerable to loss, just as paper journals do, but you can back it up on a jump drive or print and save the hard copy at least (in a different location as well as home to guard against fire/flood damage).

There are some online storage capabilities too. I'm no expert on this but if someone who reads this can recommend something, that would be great.

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