Monday, July 14, 2008

Saturday Night at the Races

Two sisters and myself with families, one niece from Nampa with her friends all headed to the track to watch my brother Gary race. Unfortunately the big group wasn't a good luck charm. He took second in his heat but got stuck in someone's spin out which clipped a brake cable and had to miss half the race in the 50 lap main event. He came back first chance he had (they have to wait for them to stop the race for another accident) and then he finished without brakes so couldn't give it all he had. He's still in first place this year but lost some of his points cushion. The other sad thing is that my mom couldn't even come because she was sick and had to go to the E.R. She's on the mend now but she has to really be sick to miss one of Gary's races!

The kids especially enjoyed climbing in Gary's car after the race so here are some photos. I can't believe I didn't take one of Waylon - he's a regular here. At least I managed some pictures without putting my finger over the lens too often. My old bigger camera didn't have this problem because the lens was big and it stuck out; this compact one puts everything right there. Learning curve for me. Well, enjoy!

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