Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Projects

My backyard. Ken started refinishing the swingset (that the grandkids just love!)a couple years ago. Last month he finished it and now he's working on the deck - a huge job requiring lots of prep work. I am very excited to have this done so we can really enjoy this "outdoor room." My tree has become big enough to actually help shade this western exposure too. Now I'm watching for a table. I saw one I liked on clearance at the Target in Orem but had no way to transport it at the time and it was too far to go back. Since then I've been so busy I haven't checked further but hopefully I can find what I want before they're all gone!
In other "news" - our roundabout is finished. There's a ribbon cutting on Friday and the detour will end. I will admit we have loved the decreased traffic which made my street much quieter and safer for the kids. Maybe people will hate the roundabout and continue to detour.... now that would be OK. I guess you might call this a slow news day.

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