Thursday, July 3, 2008

Update on Jordan

I posted about a month ago that Jordan was injured on his bike the first night they were in Japan. He had stitches but Chris pretty much downplayed how serious it was. Apparently there was a large, deep flap of skin and tissue that had to be reattached. Later the wound opened up and the doctors debated about doing surgery or stapling it back together (?) - they opted for the staples which hurt him a lot - no analgesia for the procedure. He is on crutches and has to go daily for dressing changes. The doctors even come in on their days off to treat him. (Gotta love universal health care - they don't have to worry about dealing with insurance, billing, etc.) They are hoping it will heal properly and if so, he may be able to walk again by the time he gets home in August. So, please keep him in your prayers. I'm sure it has put a damper on their vacation. He does have email so if you need his address, let me know.

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