Monday, August 4, 2008

New Work Schedule

Today's the day we start the "four tens" work week. This is Governor Huntsman's brainchild and it makes Utah the first state to adopt this alternative work schedule. Bugs are still being worked out, especially as it pertains to people with disabilities who are restricted from such long work hours, but I'm excited to have a three day weekend EVERY week. Then when we have a holiday, it will be a three day work week. I like that idea! There's never enough time to do everything I need to do at home and still have time for church and recreation so I'm happy about this. Of course it's not such a shock to me because I already work nine hour days and get every other Friday off. So, adding one more hour is not so bad and I have really loved those longer weekends. I'm also happy to see a government official thinking outside the box. Now, maybe I can get those carpets cleaned....

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