Sunday, August 3, 2008

Some Beach....Somewhere

I'm ready for a REAL vacation. It's been too long and gas is too expensive - for that matter, everything is too expensive!
It looks like Education Week will be it for this year. I am glad to be able to do that anyway. Hey, and I have Breaking Dawn to read....

By the way - if anyone wants to see my Grandma's Brag Blog and needs an "invitation" let me know. I thought with the focus on the kids and putting all their pictures up it might be best to restrict it to people we know. I really doubt anyone would be able to do harm through blog postings and maybe it will prove too cumbersome so maybe it won't remain that way but for now, I just need to send a note to you to invite, then you can log in. Most of the cute kids pictures and their comments will be posted there. It's or there's a link from this blog.

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