Monday, August 11, 2008

This is the Place Heritage Park

Jennifer, Adam, Noah, Emma and I went to This is the Place Heritage Park. We had fun but should have allowed even more time to see everything since the kids really got into the hands-on exhibits. Emma wanted to wear a pioneer dress so even on a hot summer day, she's wearing a long skirt/long sleeves. She felt like she had just dropped into Little House on the Prairie. I have a cute slide show on my other blog (the one about the kids at - don't miss it. If you don't have an invitation maybe I got your email wrong or something. Let me know if you need another one. I'm not sure the private setting is necessary but it may make my kids happier than having it open to people we don't know. You just have to give yourself a password to use when you want to open it.

I decided to post the slide show here because it's too cute for anyone to miss! I'm trying to put most of the photos of the grandkids on my other site but it sure makes this blog boring!

Here's a link to another fun pioneer museum. The site advertises a special Celebrate Your Museum day coming up in September. It would be a fun time to go.

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