Tuesday, August 12, 2008

News of the Day

In the news: Chris has decided to move to Japan - yes I said MOVE! He was scheduled to leave on Thursday to pick up the family but he has decided instead to stay there for about a year. We are very sad about this but what do you do? I certainly can't afford to go there for a visit and they aren't in Tokyo so it's a big deal to get there and another $100 one-way for the bullet train to Yamagata.

There goes my family picture plan for when Aubrey gets back with her family...

Chris is having a liquidation sale - selling everything - the house, truck, car, furniture, motorcycle, TV, cabinet-door-making tools, forklift, computers (I'm buying one of them and Nat another). He doesn't want the hassle of renting out his house and worrying about collecting the rent so he's just going to sell. Jenn and Fred wish they could afford it and it has a killer garage (3 car, cabinetry, furnace, air lines, etc.) so if you know someone in the market for Bountiful, this is prime real estate. Recently a house in his ward sold without even a sign out. He's asking $265,000.

So, he's leaving Thursday to visit the family (since he already has a ticket) and then will be back a week later to take care of the sale. At least we will get to see him again before he departs but we didn't really get to say goodbye to the kids since we figured they were coming back in a few weeks. Kiyomi is very excited to have him work there again and his employer here just had massive layoffs so the timing is good for him. Not so good for the kids - they love it in Japan but it won't help their English.

Speaking of layoffs, Jon was another casualty (he worked at the same place) so he's looking for work too and it doesn't look good for his going back to school right now.

On a more positive note - Aubrey and Steve got a new computer so she is feeling connected to the world again. More to come I'm sure.

Nat's baby is due in about 5 weeks!!! It's a boy but we don't have a name yet - not for lack of suggestions, mind you.

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  1. I'm just as upset about this as I was the first time you told me. If I could make a big giant mad face on here, that's what you'd see. Teeth and all.

    Anyway, my biggest need is a car, so if he's selling a car worth buying, please let me know. I'm definitely in the market for one so I can have transportation when I move home in November.


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