Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gary Goes Out a Winner!

The final checkered flag...

My "little" brother, Gary, retired from driving a race car last night. He started 30 years ago with a go-kart then subsequently drove in various classes and finally the Modified division since 1991. My mom and his wife, Jackie threw a surprise party for him after the last race of the season - a 100 lap exhibition race. He had already won the season championship and now he holds the title for 2003, 2004 and 2008. Many family members as well as friends and fans were on hand to congratulate Gary. He had planned to retire at the end of the season regardless of the outcome but it was nice he was able to do it while on top.Here we all are - the six siblings - Colleen, Carolyn, Gary, Craig, Debbie and Cindy. We rarely have all of us together so I was happy to get this shot.
Colby, Felicia, Craig and other fansMy dad, Bill, and his brother Vern who started the 52 year Madsen racing tradition. My dad (Wild Bil) was the driver; Vern the owner of the cars. He started racing in 1956 and won lots of season championships - I'll need to go back and research the number, then I'll amend this post.
Mom and Aunt Betty (in the center of the in the stands.
The surprise party - Gary with his wife, Jackie, when he first arrived at the party.
Gary and daughter, Brittany.
Gary and our sister, Colleen, from Boise.
Jackie and my mom watching the races.

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