Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just When You Thought it Was Safe...

Today we're worried about Josh. He has had some odd infections that have been unexplained. Today when he woke up he couldn't walk and after spending 4 hours in the clinic, Aubrey still doesn't know what's going on with him. They have to go back tomorrow. The phlebotomist was not able to get his blood and they want to tap his knee fluid. The doctor detected a heart murmur (never had one before) and they did an EKG. The doctor was foreign, spoke with an accent and was not very good with explaining to Aubrey what he was checking for. We're in the dark.

So, please remember him in your prayers. We know the power of prayer and felt it with Avery. Thanks so much!


  1. AH. PHlebotomist. Thanks. I'm so worried... doubt I'll sleep at all tonight and still have no one to watch Asher for me tomorrow, so I guess I'll be dragging him along for the fun. If only HE was the one in school!!! Thanks for the prayer promoting. It can only help.

  2. oh no....has he been having fevers? does his leg/knee look red or discolored? ugh...tell her to give him lots and lots of fluids and then maybe by tomorrow his veins will be a little fuller and easier to get.? i'm sure they thought of all of fun esp with no husband around, and no babysitter....that's so hard.


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