Friday, September 26, 2008


Click on the post title to read a good article in Meridian. Wallace Goddard is a favorite writer and Education Week instructor.


  1. Excellent Article . . . up to a point.

    Everyone knows they shouldn't become angry. We need more articles on HOW to make other choices. Telling us (again)that anger is BAD simply supplies another oar to those who would row their boats out to those in need of help where they then use the new oar to beat them with it. That's not helpful . . . it ADDS to the pain already felt by the angry person.

    Anger is absolute evidence that the angry person is hurting – is in pain. Respond to that pain with kindness and concern. Anger is the expression of tears that cannot be shed.

    Kindness is the antidote for anger.

  2. Wow, Ken, I just had to respond to that. It is sooooo good. I totally get what you are saying after what I have been through this year -- as my way of dealing has been anger (or had been until about a month ago, when I figured out what to do with it). I've seen myself lash out at people, not recognizing myself at all, and realized that the anger is the manifestation of a whole lot of emotion inside I didn't know what to do with. I only got better when I finally realized exactly what was going on -- but that is a LONG story, not for posting online :-)

  3. Ashli,

    I'm in the process of writing an article that follows up on the Abandoning Anger article that was the subject of Deb's initial post. My article will be titled Overcoming Anger. In it I am listing six or seven key things that have helped me understand anger - where it comes from -and what to do with it that is more healthy than stuffing it or wallowing in it.

    As you alluded to, you can't simply choose not to be angry when those feelings come. You have to channel those emotions into other, more productive, pathways.

    I'll send you a copy of it when it is ready for submission to Meridian.



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