Thursday, September 25, 2008

This 'n That

I didn't mean to sound whiny and I obviously posted in a hurry before leaving for my conference this week, (forgetting Ashli had already commented because she saw the show herself and commented right away). I was just so blown away by the very opportunity for Aubrey to be on Oprah that I expected a little more rah, rah! She was practically a celebrity - well as close as any of us are likely to be anyway. I can't even get on a radio call-in show. Anyway, I know Aubrey heard from several of her friends and her brothers were all very proud of her too - commenting to me directly. When I got the clip on the blog, I guess I just thought there would be more response. I don't know... silly mom...

Another "fellow" blogger mom (Life in a shoe from Texas) wrote something that really sounded like some of my childhood memories. She referenced a babysitting experience:
"Gina told me that the parents in this home allowed her to snack on whatever she wanted and they had given me permission as well. I imagine my jaw hit the floor when I heard that. In our house, I remember the menus being strictly planned. “Don’t get into that cheese! I need it for Thursday! Don’t each all of the peanut butter - it has to last til next Friday.” There was no free snacking in my childhood memories."
Living on a very tight budget ourselves, we did not just help ourselves to snacks and every item was carefully planned for meals. In my imperfect memory I recall (or was reminded later) when I was very small my parents had a sitter who entertained her friends while she sat and cooked the hamburger mom had planned for a meal. Apparently in her house food was up for grabs without permission - but it was a big deal in our house. Hmmmm, I don't actually remember many babysitters after that. My cousin, Molly, about 12 years older than me, told me last week that she used to babysit me. I must have been pretty young and don't remember but it makes sense she might have done that a few times.

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