Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NICU Photos & Update

Nat, Alex, Ashlie and Olivia in the NICU. The doctor wants Avery only to have IVs in case he has some NEC (Problem with the gut which could be caused by infection and is common in preemies) - Avery wasn't premature at all but since they don't know what is causing his distress they are being cautious. Nat is anxious to be able to feed him again soon.
This is Avery's new home for the time being. The tubes and wires are doing the work so he can just concentrate on breathing and getting well. He is getting oxygen, meds including antibiotics, and fluids.
They have a three visitor rule here and Nat was told if they wanted the whole family to come in they would have to make arrangements in advance (even though this isn't one of the preemies who will be staying for months on end). The unit clerk was really snotty and said tomorrow at 4:30 would be fine. Rules.... Finally a compassionate nurse realized that was ridiculous. There were only a very few babies in the NICU; nobody else sharing Avery's "Pod" so they let the kids come in with the parents eventually. Hopefully he won't be in here long enough to have to have reservations in advance for family visits.
Jenn and I got a turn with Natalie and Avery.
(First announcement) Unfortunately, Avery has been "downgraded" or "demoted" as Jenn said. He is now in the NICU. They still don't know why he is struggling so. Tests so far have revealed nothing. He is on IVs, antibiotics and oxygen. He is not able to eat now, though he was a good nurser at the beginning. Keep the prayers going upward, please.


  1. This little guy is just breaking my heart. I got to go to the hospital on my lunch break and hold him for a while. He's so sweet. Please continue with the updates.

  2. oh he is so sweet! Poor little guy! Probably just needs a good night in the nicu...then start eating again tomorrow....glad they are watching him so close...keep us updated.

  3. The truth is, the men in this family don't talk. Name was announced to the men you hang out with but apparently that is trivia that was not passed on. Sorry, Jon - someone has to be the last to know....


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