Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not yet out of the woods...

Please add the new baby to your prayers. His name is Avery Robert Jackson and he is having some respiratory problems, needing oxygen, so they put him in the special care nursery. They also started antibiotics and they don't know why the distress so it's watchful waiting and he could end up needing the NICU. At any rate he won't be discharged with Natalie so this is very emotionally upsetting. We are putting his name in the Temple and appreciate all your prayers.


  1. I have been praying for Baby Avery today, and I know the girls will be praying for him tonight when they say their prayers. Where is Aubrey?

  2. Thanks for having all of this info on your blog. I realize this has been a crazy time and isn't going the usual way, so I can forgive people for not telling me the baby's name and needing to come the the blog to find out. :)

    - Jon


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