Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Justin!

Justin is my third child and second son. He was such a cute little boy and very independent. He gave us a big scare when he was a year old and developed HIB meningitis (the kind the vaccine prevents these days). We came close to losing him but through Priesthood blessings and God's grace he lived and recovered, with the exception of the hearing in his right ear. Justin gave me a run for my money when he was a teenager - OK even before he was a teenager. I remember the time when he was just a little kid and he took off on his "Big Wheel." He just kept going, and going, and going. I looked frantically for him and we finally located him a mile or so from the house but he was totally unperturbed by the distance from home or the unfamiliar surroundings. I often wondered how long he would have kept peddling....

One of the cutest things I remember was at the age of two. He saw me running to get the garbage can to put it out for pickup on the street (we had forgotten until I heard the engine). He wanted to help so I gave him a little bathroom garbage to carry out. This was in the days when the men actually came and picked up each can to dump it. The guy took his little trash can and emptied it into the truck. Justin watched it disappear and thought that was the coolest trick. The next morning he collected the little can again and went outside on the curb to wait for it to be picked up. Of course the guy didn't come again and I had to try and explain the weekly concept. I took a picture of him standing there with the little can but it's not digital so I can't post it here.

He has become a really good person and I am proud of who he is and love him and his family very much. *HUGS***

Justin, Kenlee, Krista in 07
Justin with brothers Jon and Chris
Justin and Krista 08
Justin likes fish and he has built several aquariums. He also enjoyed racing for a few seasons and he likes to play poker. So, in addition to the aquariums he built a beautiful game table and he has been finishing his basement. He's a hardworking and talented automotive tech, a good husband and dad to Kenlee. We hope they will be blessed with another one some day...
We don't get to see him as often as we'd like but it might even be more often than he would like.

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