Friday, October 17, 2008

How Will it Affect You?

One family's experience in Massachusetts is shown here.

This is the reason homeschooling will continue to grow in popularity. This is also the reason vouchers should be available for people who refuse to have this nonsense as part of the required curriculum. It isn't about letting gays live the way they want; it's about a campaign to make wrong right and force this belief on everyone. We know who is leading this campaign and they get our tax dollars to provide this "education."

It is so sad that the American People have put up with this for so long. We allow them to remove Christ and all mention of Christmas, we allow them to teach evolution without opposing views of creationism. They invade our homes, our families and, when made legal, even our churches. If you don't think this is true check with the Catholics to learn how their adoption policies, which preclude gay couples, was ruled against the law once gay marriage was legalized. The right to religious freedom is one of our most basic rights in this country. The founding fathers never intended a state religion of "no religion." Read the actual amendment - the state cannot interfere with free worship and yet that is exactly what they are doing now.

We even allowed a judge's ruling in Roe vs Wade determine our abortion laws. Now there is legislation proposed to prevent doctors whose moral views prohibit such practice from choosing not to perform abortions. The majority of Americans oppose abortion but now we can't even get all the states to approve stillborn babies' Certificate of Birth, Resulting in Stillbirth because the abortion proponents fear it will give credence to a baby's life and therefore interfere with the woman's "right" to abort. Once again the liberal agenda tramples the rights of others in the name of rights for all.

Click on the post title to read more of how the media supports the liberal view and avoids sensitive issues where they might look bad, while exploiting the candidates with moral values by playing up the issue. There is no balance in journalism wherein the media would put just as much emphasis on Obama's pro-abortion stance as they do on Palin's pro-life stance.

As I've said before, I don't have warm, fuzzy feelings for any candidate this year but the media bias sickens me. It's frightening what is happening in this country and we should be outraged.

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  1. I AM outraged. I didn't know that about doctors having the right to choose whether or not to perform abortions, and it sickens me.

    Well written and informative, thank you.


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