Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Housing Crisis?

If anyone has connections in this area - we have needs. (Updates in red)

Aubrey and boys will be here next week and they will be looking for housing in the Davis county area - affordable with room for their dogs, preferably on a bus route - Main Street area? Steve is driving them out, then he goes back to finish his stint. While they are in transition they need to find someplace for the dogs because there are too many allergic people in my house. One is a delightful "fixed" Beagle (helped his behavior a lot) and the other a fluffy little lap dog mixed breed. (Scratch that - they found someone to take the little one in Kansas) Steve will be joining them in December and he will be going to school but also needs a job after three years in the Army. He has good references and government security clearance, required in some positions.

Jon, Karla and girls need another apartment by the end of the month - emphasis on affordable. Jon is also looking for a job. At least they don't have pets to worry about. I realized it might be ideal if they could find someplace that needs a caretaker like these live-in homes for seniors who need someone but not total care but where rent might be included for services provided. Karla is a CNA with lots of experience in caretaking.

Chris is selling his house. They have been working hard painting and fixing it up. It looks great. If you know someone looking in the Bountiful area, this one's a beauty. Unfortunately it's out of range for Jenn and Fred who are also hoping to find an affordable house to buy in Davis county. He sold his Corolla (someone got a great little car there!)

My house will be quite crowded so any suggestions will be appreciated (I'm not that worried but I know it will get to all of them before long). It's becoming impossible to be a SAHM these days and with special needs kids you just about have to be a SAHM. We do want our kids to be able to get a home someday. We're not talking big or fancy here; just basic housing which is out of reach for the typical wage-earner.


  1. Thanks for the plug, Mom! I'm sure I won't be in your house for very long, not to worry! I'll hurry!

  2. that's so hard, and yes, cost of living is crazy.....wish I could be a SAHM, but I have to work to help pay the bills...but it's also a nice little break from the kidos and hubby...and good money.....Nursing is probably the best job I can think of when you are a mom and want to spend time at home also...sooo flexible!! I'll keep my ears open....

  3. Not for site publication: "average wage-earner" sounds somewhat more harsh than "typical wage-earner" or some other wording. Nobody wants to be called average when it comes to their career and income.

    Just a thought. Thanks for the plug and concerns for everyone!

    - Jon


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