Wednesday, November 5, 2008

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Headline: Sexy TV Shows Linked to Teen Pregnancy

Call me crazy but this is no shocker to me. Just as violent video games result in copycat behavior, sexual dialogue and action on TV leads to irresponsible sex. Nobody wants to believe that they or their children are really influenced by these things (even though we intentionally use the same media to teach) so people refuse to believe it or censor it.

If it had no influence, why do kids dress up for Halloween or play the roles of the video characters? Why do the little girls dress up as princesses like they see in the movies? Do we really believe they will suddenly sprout a conscience to tell right from wrong and make them act in mature ways, making smart choices?

I have work associates who honestly believe the only reason we have teen pregnancy is because nobody is teaching sex ed in school. They believe it is because condoms aren't distributed at school, parks, playgrounds, health fairs, dorms - whatever. Of course those children whose brain connections are still forming would always use a condom if they were just more readily available (and have you ever seen a TV show where they actually whip out the condom before jumping into bed?). Who is naive here?

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  1. This very topic is my next blog entry! I already have it half written. My resposne to that study was a big, "DUH!"


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