Friday, November 28, 2008

Good health news on "Black Friday"

I have worked retail before and the day after Thanksgiving is a crazy shopping day but actually it's kind of a rush to work that day. Time flies and one year I earned commission so it was nice! But in those days the stores didn't open at the unbelievable hour of 4:00 AM! Now you'd have a tough time convincing me to go to work at that time. Anyway, I get the benefit of our 4/10 work week so Friday's my day off and this week there are only 3 workdays!

Now I work in public health and the good news here is that cancer rates are actually decreasing. This has been attributed to smoking cessation with California really leading the nation with their clean air laws that date back to 1990. How great to see efforts such as smoking bans, increased cigarette taxes and truth in tobacco programs actually make a significant health difference. You can read the article in the DesNews by clicking the post title.

It may be black Friday for retail, but it's less black lung overall.

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