Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Chris!

This is Chris at the Texas Roadhouse. Lesson learned: Don't tell them it's your birthday celebration. This is Chris's "if looks could kill" look - directed at me who told the server (I was expecting free dessert!). To show what a good sport he is and not to embarrass me, he got on the saddle and put up with the hoopla but he said no dessert was worth it. He's the type who prefers to sit on the sidelines - never the center of attention so I'm glad he's still speaking to me. He's a good sport and this proves to me he is also a forgiing sort.
My life changed significantly (for the better) 36 years ago today. There's no question the first child holds a unique spot in a mom's heart. It's amazing becoming a mother but the first time is, well, the first time!

Chris is a great kid. Now that he's in Japan again we're all wondering what we'll do without him. He takes care of everyone - so like an oldest child - hyper-responsible I guess. He spends much of his time (and means) helping others and he is loved by everyone who knows him well. He's a fantastic father as well as son and I'll be eternally grateful that he was sent to me on that November day. Can I really have a child who's 36?

This photo shows him with hair, though he prefers to shave it all off. Hopefully, while they are all in Japan they can get "papa" to take a new family portrait since the most recent one I have here is pretty old.

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