Saturday, November 8, 2008

This 'n That

When showing Chris's house the other day a lady said she had seen fall iris blooms. Maybe I've never had any on the south side before but these are gorgeous. Short-lived, since winter is coming early this year, but very nice!
And this is what fall is supposed to look like. My snowball bushes. The grandkids love to play inside; thus the "doorway" and stepping stones. They have a little playhouse inside. I have a fun backyard where they love to come.
Aubrey has been busy working full-time. The family is taking shifts with the boys and helping her get to work and back since Steve has their car. Hopefully he will be here by Christmas. Meanwhile it's a challenge for her to find a place to live that allows dogs. There are plenty of dog-lovers, but they aren't landlords. She's also keeping her eye out for a better-paying job. Who isn't, right? In some cases - just looking for a job!

Chris's house is incredible. If you want to see updated photos go to
A mechanic, builder, or tinkerer would love his garage with almost 1000 sq. ft. air lines for power tools, furnace, storage, etc. Cross your fingers. His family is getting anxious for his arrival.

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