Friday, November 7, 2008

Ironic isn't it?

Once again, apparently the church isn't supposed to have an opinion on moral matters. Below is a "Gay Pride" protest rally in SLC with former SL Mayor Rocky Anderson speaking. Pride is certainly not a word I would use here. How does the church taking a stance on marriage which is considered God-ordained and sacred become wrong? Again, aren't they saying we should not have rights to free speech, while they should? They should have influence with the voters and the public - even to directly blaming the LDS Church for the passage of proposition 8 and denegrating our beliefs in video productions, harassment, and graffiti on our Temple gates - but we should not have that right? Suddenly for the church to take a stand on morality, they shout, "separation of Church and state." What they really want is for the believers to be silent, while they call the shots.

At the temple gates - notice the graffiti.
Protestors against the LDS Church's support of proposition 8. Wow, who knew we single-handedly controlled California!
Those who claim they want fairness and equality are harassing temple attenders in California. What I find interesting is that had proposition failed and proponents continued to protest and harass, they would be saying, "leave it alone, the people have spoken."

It is not fairness they are seeking; it's sanctification of the lifestyle they have chosen. It isn't tolerance of it or allowing equal benefits; it's nothing short of redefinition of traditional marriage to make their choices "right" with God and the world. They claim it's that they are treated differently but California already protects that and the life they have chosen will result in being treated differently by some, just as choosing to live a religious life often means you are treated differently by those who are not tolerant of differences.

Our church also does not believe in "free love" and members are taught to wait for marriage. Those who choose otherwise sometimes feel judged or "guilty" and they would like nothing better than for the church to say "it's fine - do whatever you want; God doesn't care." But that is not what churches are for and God does care because he loves us - just as a good parent cares about the choices their child makes. Some choices lead to eternal happiness; others lead to temporary pleasures.

It's too bad that these people in California cannot respect and tolerate our differences as they expect us to respect (and condone) theirs. The freedoms they claim to want are the same as the freedoms of religion and speech they are opposing.

It is also interesting that the media, which is biased to the left and chooses to write and support that view much more than the conservative, had their day. Even with that, the people voted to protect traditional marriage. With a balanced, clean journalistic approach the majority would have likely been an even greater percentage.

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