Sunday, November 23, 2008

Update on the fam

I'm afraid my shopping and busy weekend got in the way of Twilight but I realized I'm not big on fighting crowds anyway so it can wait a little longer. I've been told it was good but I always worry a little about disappointment after reading the book. There's no way they can really do the story as well as it should be done in an under two-hour movie. Don't get me wrong - I WILL see it soon.

It's been very busy here with everything that's happening. Chris sold his van (painful!) and someone in Arizona got an incredible deal. He's waiting for spring for the motorcycle (just can't get a good price right now). He has listed his truck on KSL (4WD, club cab, 8 ft. bed, shell and brand-new transmission) for an incredible price. He even reduced the price of his house by $15,000. if no agent - it's killing Jenn because it's still out of their reach. Someone who wants/needs that garage will get a killer deal there too.

Jenn and Fred are putting an offer on a foreclosure in need of lots of work. It's really a hassle going through these bank deals so they have no idea how long it will take or if they'll get it and it's so disappointing to them when things don't work out after the wait. So keep them in your prayers. They are really tired of living with me. The kids don't really get it - they think it's just fine to be here. Josh says the same thing when Aubrey talks about moving to their own apartment. He just doesn't mind the three of them sharing one small bedroom. Aren't kids great?

Aubrey's apartment needs a little TLC (the landlord says she can paint) before they move. It's very close to HAFB and they are in hopes there might be a civilian job for Steve on base. He has top government security clearance so he hopes that will pay off on the pay scale and in finding a job. She starts paying rent there on Dec. 1 but without a car she probably can't do it. She is looking for a loaner (or cheap purchase) for about a month until Steve gets here so if anyone has an old clunker they can spare....

Krista volunteered to host Thanksgiving again this year. They've been working on their basement too so it's been busy there.

Avery is a high-maintenance baby. He's cute as can be but definitely reminds me of some of mine. I didn't get the ones that just eat and sleep as newborns. Took at least three months to decide they were OK with this life. Avery's holding true to the tradition on that. Nat doesn't get a lot of sleep and the family rotates shifts holding/bouncing/rocking.

Jon and Karla are settled in their new apartment and he has been rebuilding his motorcycle for several months in his spare time. It's been a huge job for him and a learning experience. We're really proud of what he's accomplished here. They've had some real struggles and so it's been hard getting the job done. Madi is gaining weight and doing well. She also gets physical therapy to help her catch up. She's still a very happy baby.

I guess that brings us mostly up-to-date. We're all just hanging on in these tough times.

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