Saturday, November 22, 2008


Yesterday I went shopping at a real mall. I NEVER do this. Chris needed something he can't get in Japan that was only available there so I went as a favor to him. I ended up staying a few hours and had a really good time by myself. I was tired of malls and their overpriced trendy stuff so I do fine without them for the most part, just going to regular free-standing stores mostly (OK, mostly discount stores). But, since Mervyn's was having a "going-out-of business" sale I was intrigued and not disappointed. Spending money does lift my spirits sometimes, but if I don't have it to spend it ultimately leads to depression! This time it was a feel-good experience. I also hit Big Lots, Kohl's and Tuesday Morning so I was able to do my share of bargain shopping.

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  1. Caused me to think of Thomas Paine's statement These are the times that try men's souls... can I publish this comment anonymitiously?


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