Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Check this one off the list.

I didn't take a picture of it but this week's replacement purchase was a new battery for my car. It was in the budget for next month but apparently the broken lawnmower and the broken car battery didn't communicate. After being stranded three times in the last week I cried uncle. By the time I've been there for 10 hours, I don't like the idea of being stranded at work all evening.

I got help from one guy I work with, but he couldn't jump the car, then a lady from work stopped and assured me she knew a lot about fixing cars, having been a single mother for 20 years. Turned out she did. And she was impressed with my nice set of wrenches and Swiss Army knife. The battery had a leak and as she predicted it was completely dry inside. She managed to get the thing dismantled and filled it up with her water bottle from her car. We just finished reassembling and securing the battery again when Jon showed up to jump start. This time it worked!

Costco didn't carry the battery I needed but I made it to my next stop, Auto Zone. Fortunately they were able to help me jump start it again since it wouldn't start. With my new found skills I considered just changing it out in their parking lot and returning the core on the spot but decided I should let these grown boys who live with me have the blessings of service so I headed home.

Aubrey said when I bought the lawnmower that it was sad I had to get so excited about a lawnmower. Nat agreed it was not sad when you're a homeowner who needs one. But I guess it says something about my life. I made everyone come out to the garage to see it. I probably won't do that with the battery, unless the questionable connector cable still acts up and I need them to come and fix it. It looks kind of questionable.

I guess we're all wearing out together. At least the garden hose repair kit was cheap - my next project is the dead spots where the sprinkler doesn't cover. The joys of home/car ownership. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have a car and a home...and a job! I'm even more happy to have a family.

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