Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lawler Family Reunion

Kurt Lawler and Kathy Gonzalez (and families) came and left before I arrived. I was sorry Sherry couldn't make it after all. Peter and Molly were also there but left before I got out the camera. We were from Salt Lake, Seattle, Costa Mesa, and Boise.
Leanne, Kathy, Brittany, Craig, Kevin, Natalie
Brittany, Cindy, Gene, Dennis, Shirley, Leanne, Kathy, Craig
Kevin, Betty and Kathy (Riders)
Cindy and Gene Kent
The Jacksons
We visited, got reacquainted, shared family photos and stories and renewed our interest in Family History. The good news is that Cindy is also interested so we have another cousin helping us link. Another nice surprise was Betty's receipt of a nice family history book written by someone in our Cannon line. We look forward to getting copies and sharing pictures in order to preserve them, share them and benefit from them all through digitalization.

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