Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thought for Sunday

Jerry Johnston writes, "yelling doesn't fix a heated dialogue." Read it here.

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  1. Telling people not to be angry is easy; anyone can do that. It's not really helpful since angry people already know that their anger hurts both themselves and the ones they love. Also, people who do not understand where anger comes from and what really drives it just make things worse by condemning a weakness in others that they themselves do not really understand.

    If you are serious about wanting to reduce anger you must help angry people discover what causes their anger and HOW TO STOP being angry. But, before you can do that you'll have to come to an understanding of the real causes of anger yourself instead of just burying them under your own self-righteous indignation. It's always easier to correct someone else's faults than it is to correct your own . . . particularly if their faults are not a real challenge for you like they are for them.

    I have some suggestions, based upon my own struggles with anger.



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