Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday update on my dad

Today he had a little downturn but they say it's not serious. He was up walking and coughed up blood - not normal. So they intubated him for a broncoscopy and found blood but no sign of cancer - assuming it's related to the pancreatitis and pneumonia. They were also prepping him for another CT scan to monitor things. He hates the tube and he was sedated so not much visiting to be done and it's frustrating for him not to be able to speak. Best to let him rest now and they're discouraging so many visitors for that reason. He had a blessing the other day. Prayers are still going out in his behalf.

The CT results were not good and the pseudotumor (whatever that is) is getting bigger; not smaller. Surgical consult tonight or in the A.M. Haven't heard anything yet. He was not looking so good when I saw him and it worried me.

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