Saturday, August 7, 2010

Observations on California's vote overturn

Even the judge agreed that marriage is not a constitutional right, yet the media has interpreted it as such. Read here. There's more to marriage than benefits. If it were about equal benefits, there would be no problem. It's not about benefits or love or freedom. It's about the sanctity of marriage ordained by God and begun in the Garden of Eden.

A good article on the ruling is found here as well (Witherspoon Institute). Then there is the question of why government is involved in marriage at all (if it's strictly a religious or moral observance)? If it doesn't mean anything any more in a moral society, why not leave it to the churches who can decide who can marry whom and aside from that, anyone who wants can recite vows or poetry to each other and take up residence. Read more here.

Another opinion is here. Judicial Tyranny?

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