Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday update

I stopped by the hospital again before work and found my dad quite alert. The nurse said he really lights up for family; not so much for staff. As always, he's sociable and wants to be surrounded by those who love him. The good news is that the WBC continues to drop and they plan surgery for tomorrow - hoping to be able to close him. Praying hard for that. I think he will turn a corner if that happens. I've heard he negotiated with the surgeon and said if he'd take him in tomorrow rather than Thursday he wouldn't kill himself.

He's actually a very popular patient up there, even with all his needs for care and the ICU nurses are great!

Update. I went back to the hospital at 8:45 PM and stayed until 10:30. I guess they didn't take his threat too seriously because the surgery is scheduled for Thursday as they originally had said. Apparently the surgeon is on call and wants to be at his best for the big one. I know he feels like the carrot just keeps dangling "just ahead" and yet he never makes it. Praying this time it will go perfectly and they can remove the breathing tube and close him up. On with healing progress!

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