Monday, August 2, 2010

Dad update

My dad has so had it with the tubes and being stuck in bed. He was always one to be on the go and rarely sat still. Now to have to be tied down like this and not able to speak is torture. I think if he can hang in there and the antibiotics continue to take care of the infections so they can close him up by Thursday (and remove the breathing tube) he will turn a corner and be on the road to healing. He was more alert today. They switched his pain med from Dilaudid that made him a zombie to Methadone and Fentanyl. I think it's better. He was alert when I visited tonight; just really tired of the tubes. I told him it's a good thing he has no more orifices or they would stick something down it. In fact they make holes where there aren't any naturally anyway. Hang in there dad, for a few more days!

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