Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 12 Roof - Good Old Fashioned Christianity!

Some more of the wonderful men of my ward came to work on the next phase of the roof. Last night the family had removed the old swamp cooler and scraped the old shingles. This morning Steve, Fred, Rob and Dennis, Conrad and Alan from the ward came to do the work of prepping it for the shingles - resheeted the entire upper level, like they did the lower level, placed the ice shield, flashing and feltech. They were finished by 2:00 PM! Shingles arrive on Monday and we can do that over the coming days/weeks as we get time. This is Christianity as it is supposed to be. I pray for blessings for these men and their families for their selfless service!
Fred is on the new lower roof. Doesn't it look great?
Now these are real men! So nice of their wives and children to share them.
I will finish cleaning up below and I can get rid of the dumpster in my driveway! I'm over budget but I have a fine roof now that's good for 30 years.

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