Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 11 Roof

Today Ken placed sheets of plywood over the new roof so it wouldn't be damaged during phase 2 - the upper level. Fred, Jenn and family, Nat, Rob and family all helped. They removed the old swamp cooler which is pretty hard on roofs and I didn't use it. I had liked having a backup in case my AC goes out but it's not worth keeping it up there and working around it for the roofing.
Even 7 year old Alex helped haul the old shingles across the roof and into the dumpster.
Jenn is a hard worker
Nat, Jenn and Noah stipping the old brown shingles
Emma hauling shingles over the plywood protectors. We had one minor casualty when Olivia tripped on the extension cord and skinned her knew, elbows, and hands. At least she didn't fall off the roof. It made me nervous for sure.
Sanchez and Jackson families under Ken's direction, stripping the old shingles. This roof was also bad enough we need to resheet the entire roof.

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