Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Please spread the word...

Jon's children in South Carolina will not be able to see him this holiday season unless he can come up with the money for their trip. South Carolina to Utah fares around Thanksgiving and Christmas are horrendously expensive. Jon's current hourly wages aren't enough to even pay the child support so he's looking for a way to earn the money he needs for their passage. If you don't know what an awesome photographer Jon is, just check out Aubrey's blog for some examples. He is really good with special effects too. You can reach him at

He also just had to put a $200 part into his truck to get to work yesterday after it broke down on the freeway. Insurance and gas are another story entirely. He can really use any support you can offer. Legal fees for this craziness are out of sight and the kids want and need their dad in spite of what their mother is trying to do to keep them away!



  1. Wow, I kind of wish I was getting married to be able to take advantage of the wedding package price...

  2. Yeah, Hilary - why don't you do that? It's for a good cause!


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