Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Pics

With Kenlee & Max

Alex, Krista, Steve
Adam, Noah, Olivia, Steve, Ashlie, Fred
Aubrey, Max, Jenn, Ashlie, Nat, Rob, Avery, Olivia, Justin, Alex, Josh
Alex and Josh
Emma, Josh, Kenlee, Aubrey, Max, Steve, Jenn, Ashlie, Alex

Noah & Krista
Aubrey & Max, Jenn and Ashlie
Natalie and her daughters
Adam, Fred, Jon
Justin, Krista, Kenlee, Steve
Jon, Justin
Krista, Fred
Rob, Nat, Krista, Ken, Jon
Aubrey, Jenn, Ashlie
Aubrey, Ken, Steve
Aubrey, Steve
After dinner ad browsing (Jenn, Nat, Rob, Aubrey
After dinner photo viewing (Fred, Justin, Jon). Jon projected slides he has digitalized onto the big screen.

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