Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Who, me?

I can't believe I played (yes, really, actively PLAYED; not watched) volleyball for over two hours last night. I think I was in junior high gym class the last time I played - maybe sophomore year. I was in Pep Club and dance the other two years so I could avoid gym, balls, and sports! I will admit I looked like a klutz though the people were very supportive of me anyway and helped me figure out the game. I always thought the goal was just to keep the ball from touching the floor - that's about it. Turns out they actually play positions and there is a plan! Who knew?

I definitely should have had a picture to prove I really did this. I usually tell people I am allergic to balls. I definitely do not feel confident about them in any form. The other players were very kind to me and really tried to teach me, encourage me and make me feel welcome. This is not the way I remember it in junior high!

Of course now I'm paying for it. These church ball activities don't even start until 9:00 so I was out late and I'm tired at work, muscles are sore everywhere - possibly partly because on my first hit (is that what it's called?) reaching over my head for the ball I landed flat on my back, hitting my head. I could hear the crack! Talk about embarrassing!

By the way - I still don't know why they must wear bikinis to play in the Olympics~

Also, Jon meets with the custody evaluator today (it's been more than a year) so we're praying fervently in his and the children's behalf. They deserve to have their beloved father - active, involved and caring for them every day! Nobody should deprive a child of such - NOBODY! And no children who have a father who wants to care for them should have to live on welfare, far away from their extended family and home they love because of self-interests on the part of adults in their lives.
"Maybe that's just a condition of being a child, that you never get enough of your loving parents." (A quote I came across today)
Children deserve as much loving attention from their parents as they can get.

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  1. You are so brave to play volleyball! I love that you're not afraid to try new things.

    I couldn't agree more with what you've said about Jon being kept from his children. Those kids deserve to be with their father and she will someday have to account for using them as a manipulation tactic. I believe there is long-term damage being done by her keeping them from their loving, caring, playful, involved father.


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