Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Recorded in a journal...

I attended the open house for the new Church History Library and it was fascinating to see the technology for preservation of documents, storage, and the many materials for our use and education.  The Story Lives Here video shown to visitors to explain why we keep the records and how they are obtained can be viewed now here.  It tells a brief and moving story of Joseph Millet who recorded it in his journal.  This film recently won an Aegis video and film production award and also a Gold Plaque in the public relations category at the INTERCOM International Communications Media Competition presented by the Chicago International Film Festival.  See DesNews for article. 

In the Aegis awards, entries are judged against a set standard, rather than by direct comparison to others. "The Story Lives Here" was one of 63 winners out of about 2,100 applicants. The INTERCOM award presented by the Chicago International Film Festival recognizes creativity in the nontheatrical dimensions of film-making.

The library is more than a repository of church history.  It is a safe haven for many stories about people.

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