Thursday, March 10, 2011

If you give a girl a camera...

I've always enjoyed dabbling a little in photography from the time I had my first Brownie camera as a kid.  Too bad I could never afford film and developing!  I still have a few of those old B&W prints of my elementary school friends.  And being able to afford it when the kids were little was still a problem, but it's always been important to me to have pictures and I loved displaying their school portraits on my wall.  I used to say "other people have art and nice wall decorations; I have my kids and that's even better."   (Now I have my grandkids)

I was asked to take pictures of a friend's niece's temple wedding because they couldn't afford a photographer.  I borrowed Jon's good film camera and was surprised how pleased the family was with them.  I then took Jon and Karla's engagement photos.  Of course looking back I know I didn't have a lot of talent; just interest.  Cameras were pretty high-tech for me with the settings, lighting and all.

Then digital cameras came out.  Suddenly we didn't have to pay for developing and I could instantly post them to a blog or store them on a computer.  And Photoshop - editing - wow - how cool is that?  I still don't understand much about it and I've considered taking a Photoshop class at the community school to learn how to better edit pictures.  Jenn also got into photographing children and lifelike dolls, complete with costumes.  Just like playing dolls and dress-up...

Along comes a conference by this guy (Flash Bus) in SLC.  Jon is totally psyched about this and there's a chance someone could come with him because spouses sometimes can hitch a ride and since he has no spouse...could I pass (people say I look young)?  He also sometimes needs someone to help him with posing and lighting.  I could use a new hobby right now and Jenn's not really into it any more so, why not?   Hmmmmm....

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