Monday, April 11, 2011

Japan update

Another large aftershock quake in Japan. Waiting for word and praying for help getting them out ASAP!  I know Jordan would like to finish this school year and complete his exams, but we're worried!  We need help with the State Dept. and details.  Ken knows someone in Orrin Hatch's office and we're hoping she can steer us in the right direction for getting answers.  Since the Japanese don't abandon their elderly parents, they need to get help expediting Kiyomi's dad for permanent resident visa so he can retire here with them.  It's the way they do things in their culture.  Also, Kiyomi has been out of the country for more than a year since she originally went to spend time with her mom before she passed away.  INS has rules that you can't stay out of the country even on a valid green card for that long and still retain it for re-entry in the U.S.  Hers is good until 2016 otherwise.  They have to renew a few of their passports too which is very expensive and requires travel to Tokyo  - also very expensive since it requires an overnight stay and bus fare - 11.5 hours each way.  They have tried to get answers from someone to be sure they have all they need to apply but can't get an answer. Of course they don't want to go to the trouble, expense and time off work only to find they decided there was an additional paper needed or something like that.

Well, that's all I know for now.  Not sure if they have power for computer or phone service.  I'll try again soon.


  1. Boy, by this post I can't help wondering if you were hoping that Aubrey and Steve would take you with them!

    And I wonder what constitutes "elderly" in Japan???

    P.S. I love your raindrop background!

  2. Ha, ha! I'm sure elderly does not mean me!


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