Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The New Job Update

I'm halfway through my second week on the new job - or should I say learning the new job? The people here in Ogden are incredibly nice but there is a lot to learn. One of the computer programs we use is a dinosaur - reminds me of DOS I used in 1995. The other database/tracking program is huge, cumbersome and not nearly as user-friendly as my custom-made WeeCare database program - though I can see that it can do a lot once I learn the ropes and glitches. Naturally, the home-grown program was easier and mydbsolutions did a fantastic job creating it and adapting it to our needs. I was spoiled with that one. Now, I'll try to keep from going crazy with the tedious stuff and hope I can find ways to make this job interesting too.  I'm anxious to get to my real office in Bountiful and that will cut down my commute to practically nothing - yay!  But, I'll be flying on my own so mixed feelings.  I must say it's uncomfortable not having a "real" home, using a temporary laptop computer in a borrowed office while I learn.  I guess it's my nesting instinct but it just doesn't feel like home yet.  I miss my old friends/coworkers too!  This is all to be expected of course.  I'm hoping the Bountiful office folks will be good to work with too.  I'm told they will be happy to finally have their own full-time nurse.  Time will tell.  And I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks - at least I hope so...

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